About Drummond Calligraphy and Cleave Drummond

 Thank you for taking the time to look around. My name is Cleave Drummond and I have been an artist all of my life from the time that I was a child. I have always been fascinated with lettering and advertising styles and would often try to draw them and modify them to see what I could make. The first time that I picked up a quill I was using it almost by instinct and really do enjoy dipping the pen into ink and watching it flow on the paper. It is a feeling of being able to create and not just typing something into a cold computer. Computers have their uses but when you want something to be really personal you want it to be something done by hand.

All that I know is not just self taught, I have had training as a Commercial Artist and am certified as such. I have also taken informal classes in both art and calligraphy from different museums and universities. As I said they were informal but they were very informative. Any artist will tell you that being able to take a primer or class on an art subject that they are interested in is invaluable and can teach them a lot. It allows them to explore other possibilities for their art form and shows them just what they are able to do or have to work on. Another place that I have been able to learn more about the art of illumination and calligraphy is that of The Society For Creative Anachronism or the S.C.A for short. They are an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. In the SCA I am known as Ronan Mac a'Chaladair. Scroll making and heraldry is essential to the practice of the group and I was privileged to work on scrolls and as a herald across two of the kingdoms, Meridies and Trimaris. Trimaris still uses one of my ink renderings for their arms display. So if you need to have a scroll made in those style I will be able to do those as well.

 About the design of the template for this site, you will notice that it is not all crisp and straight as most other sites on the net are. The reason for this is that the design was actually hand painted and inked on a sheet of ink layout paper that was overlayed on a pencil sketch that i had made. I wanted to make sure that the site was unique and would stand out from other that you might find. It is also a small example of what I am able to do for you as well. The size of the sketch was 8.5 x 11 inches and painted with acrylics and then penned with a crow quill and black india ink. While it is true that most illuminations are done in gouache or watercolor you can still have a beautiful work of art using acrylic paints as well. All three are at first a water base but the first 2 are always going to be affected by water where as acrylic will not.

The website coding itself was also done by me. For the past few years from the beginning of 1996 till the end 2010 I had been building websites for other companies and have now decided that I want to do calligraphy and art full time and not just as a hobby. I will always make sure that when I am working on your project that I will be focused on your project without the distractions of having to go to work for another person or company. I want to make sure that you get the best that I am able to give you so that you will have something to remember for years to come.

Closeup of the sites design Closeup of the sites design Closeup of the sites design