Listing of items that are available on eBay

 eBay is a wonderful tool that any online seller is using these days. It allows especially an artist to do sample works and then be able to sell them in a convienient way without having to maintain a gallery and shopping cart for items that might be changing quite frequently. This is true with the illumination of the heraldic clan crests and other piece work that I do from time to time. eBay gives me a way to convienently list or delist items as I see fit without having to maintain a database on this site for these items. It also allows you to see the items that I have in progress that you might be interested in.

If you see an item that you may be interested in go and chack it out. If you see an item and want something that would be simular then place use the contact page to talk to me about it. Either way you are going to be able to have the product that you want either on eBay or in a special order with me.

I look forward to helping you with your calligraphic and illumination needs.

Uncial During Painting and After Painting