Services that are offered at Drummond Calligraphy

 There are many services for which a calligrapher and illuminator can and could be used for. In some ways the old sign painters are also calligraphers as they practice the art of making beautiful lettering using both pen and brush. (Not to be confused with the computer generated vinyl signs of today) If it is lettered or painted by hand then it is calligraphy and illumination, for illumination is the the decorating of text with color and art. Listed below are some of the many service that I am able to provide to you. Each is done by hand and will not just be some printout from a computer.

Envelope Addressing

With a major event coming up why not send out the invitations in style. Having your envelops custom lettered by hand will add flair to the event and show people that you really want them to be there. Receiving an envelop that has actual calligraphy on it and not just plain text that was done in haste or on a computer shows your guests that this is indeed a special occasion to attend. Think of the joy that will be on their face when they see the envelop sitting there in their mail box waiting to be opened.

Place Cards

If you have seating set aside for special guests or you have assigned seating for everyone attending you need to be able to let them know where to sit. Having seating cards made and even a seating chart will take all the guess work out of it and make sure that they are seated in the right place. Each card can also be a special gift for those attending with their name beautifully scripted and even illuminated that they will be able to keep for years to come. What better way to remind them of the event they went to.

Event Programs

Why just have a simple had out on plain white paper that has been run through the printer to give to people. Why not have the text of the individual programs actually hand lettered instead. Show that each guest is special and that the time has been taken to let them know about the events that are going to take place. If you want them to actually use and look at the program you want to make sure it is nice enough so that they do not just fold it up and forget about it as they stuff it in their already full pockets.

Custom Menus

Give class to the meal that is to be given to your guests. Have the menu presented to them either as a simple text menu or go all out and have it illuminated so that they know that the meal that they are about to receive is indeed very special. Menus that they can keep and remember will keep you in their hearts and thoughts for a long time to come. Let them know what they are going to have and when they will eat it. You never know when they will remember what you did and turn around and then do the same for you.

Award Names

Often times when awards are given they just don't seem that special. Sure you are excited about getting the award but when you recife it you find that it was just printed out from the computer with no real thought about it. They get the paper and then just hit print, why not instead have the names added individually by hand. Show that the award you are giving is truly special and have the name hand lettered. Having the name hand lettered shows that you really care about the award and the person that you are giving it to.


Sometimes you want to have an award or certificate really mean something. You want to give an award that has not been given before and you want it to be special. Having the actual certificate done all in hand, all of it even the illumination, really makes it stand out as one of a kind. It is the kind of award that they will cherish for a life time. On that same not you could also have the marriage record done by hand that the notary would sign and stamp. That would be something that you would want to frame for all to see.

Custom Commissions

If you have a project that you want to have done that doesn't fit into the kinds of categories already listed that is not a problem. I will work with you so that we can come up with a price and plan that you and I can be happy with. This way you can have maybe a sign done, custom scripting, a website made or even custom illustrations. It doesn't matter what it might be, if I am able to do it we will be able to come up with a plan to see that it is made for you. If I can't do it I will help you find someone who can.